te 11 wunderkammer

  • Afficionados of Martin Amis, the so-called “Mick Jagger of literature,” will want to read this interview.
  • If you’ve never seen them, you might want to check out James Joyce’s famous dirty letters to Nora. NSFW.
  • “It’s hard to know now if Wallace actually looked spooked or if I’m projecting that look back onto him, but I do clearly recall him standing in the hall in his untied high-tops, saying that George Saunders was the most exciting writer in America.” Read the New York Times profile of George Saunders.
  • “Come back, I beg you, and I shall be gentle and modest in my desires. I deserved your scorn when I told you I’d be satisfied with crumbs. I lied.” The American Reader publishes Charles Baudelaire’s 1852 billet doux to Marie Daubrun in their series of famous literary letters.
  • Novelist Sam Byers writes about fiction and the end of the world in The Weeklings.

Posted by Julian Lucas, ’15

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